Azure Databricks: Extract from REST API and save JSON file in Azure Data Lake

Databricks commands:

# Imports
import requests

Import library requests to be able to run HTTP requests.

# REST API GET Request with Basic Authentication
par = {'id':'3', 'period':'today'} # Parameters

response = requests.get(''
  , params = par
  , auth = ('username', 'password') # Basic Authentication

Define the parameters, the Basic Authentication attributes (username, password) and execute GET request.

# ADLS Configuration
  , 'my_key'

spark.conf.set() define the access key for the connection to Data Lake. The access key can be found in Azure Portal.

# Save the result in file in ADLS
target_folder_path = 'abfss://'
dbutils.fs.put(target_folder_path + '/Person.json', str(response.json()), True)

Define the destination folder path and save (overwrite) the result of the request in JSON file.

Keep it simple :-)

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