Azure Databricks: Extract from REST API and save JSON file in Azure Data Lake

Databricks commands: Import library requests to be able to run HTTP requests. Define the parameters, the Basic Authentication attributes (username, password) and execute GET request. spark.conf.set() define the access key for the connection to Data Lake. The access key can be found in Azure Portal. Define the destination folder path […]


I googled “mariadb pivot” and the first answer was this. I need to generate this code: In few words PIVOT is grouping by two groups: CustomerID, ItemID Period And the result is: I played a little and i got this: The result is: The same code for SQL Server: It […]

SSIS: Check for Errors in SSISDB and Send Email

SSISDB is the database that is collaborating with SSIS. When we execute a package, the execution information is logged in SSISDB. If a job is scheduled, we need to know if there are errors in the executions. As a last step in SSIS package, I run stored procedure that searches […]