Learn SQL Server Intuitively Transact-SQL: The Solid Basics book is on the way

I am very happy to announce that my first book, dedicated to Microsoft SQL Server from the Learn Intuitively series is now on KickStarter.

The book:

  • Is designed for people who want to start their career in database programming
  • Is also supposed to be used by database professionals on a daily basis. The Extended Cheat Sheet at the end of the book is a great source of code templates
  • Uses an intuitively way to explain hard concepts in simple words and metaphors – background colors, arrows, notes and metadata
  • Is dedicated to Microsoft SQL Server 2016 – one of the most powerful databases in the world
  • Explains in examples:
    • the database concepts – What is database, What are the different types of databases, How the database is structured and many more
    • T-SQL Statements – DDL and DML
    • Database objects – Databases, Schemas, Tables, Views, Functions and Stored Procedures
    • Conditional Execution (IF, IIF, CASE), WHILE Loops, Common Table Expressions
  • Shows the best practices and gives a light to the points that have to be avoided

Now our team is busy with:

  • Finalizing the layout for printing
  • Professional edit the content
  • Funding the project and building the marketing campaigns

You can support the release of the book on KickStarter.

Keep it simple :-)

About Peter Lalovsky

I am Microsoft SQL Server certified professional, creating with T-SQL, SSRS, SSIS, ASP.NET/C#, Azure, Python, PowerShell and more on a daily basis since year 2006. In 2016 i wrote a book for beginner and intermediate T-SQL programmers which you can download here. This blog is something like my personal programming documentation. When i am not in front of a computer, i am around my paper car – Trabant 601.

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