My Toolbox

These are the tools that I use to build the end result. I prefer to use portable applications, because it is very easy to use them on any workstation, by copy/paste them from/to USB stick.

  • SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) – A part of the SQL Server that is used to write T-SQL code, configure, manage and maintain SQL Server.
  • Poor SQL – online T-SQL formatter.
  • VS (Visual Studio) – The forge to build applications for web, desktop and mobile.
  • Notepad++ – very simple and useful editor, supporting multiple programming languages.
    • JSTool plugin
  • Greenshot – Quickly take screenshot and do simple manipulations.
  • ColorPix – Color picker. I use it while creating CSS styles.
  • uWamp, XAMPP – If I need a webserver with PHP and MySQL only, I use uWamp. I use XAMPP when I need FTP and email server.
  • Papercut-SMTP – fake SMTP for developers.
  • Thunderbird – Email client. (now i use Evolution)
  • Firefox Developer – Web browser.
  • QuiteRSS – RSS Reader (My Feeds)
  • Total Commander – Very powerful tool for file manipulation.
  • WinMerge – Quickly comparison of files or folders.
  • 7-Zip – File archiver.
  • KeePassXC – Password Manager.
  • Azure Portal – cloud platform by Microsoft

If i have a choice i will never move out from: