SSIS: Check for Errors in SSISDB and Send Email

SSISDB is the database that is collaborating with SSIS. When we execute a package, the execution information is logged in SSISDB. If a job is scheduled, we need to know if there are errors in the executions. As a last step in SSIS package, I run stored procedure that searches in SSISDB for errors for this execution and sends email.

Create database

Create Database Mail Profile

Create stored procedure to check for errors and send email

You can download the SSIS project that simulates an error and sends email here.

To collect the log in SSISDB, we need to deploy the package on the server in SSISDB. In Visual Studio right click on the project and Deploy

Deploy to SSISDB 1

Deploy to SSISDB 2

In SSMS right click on the package and Execute…

Execute SSIS Package on SSISDB

And check your email:

Email with the Error Log

Now we know that we need to take action.

Keep it simple :-)