The Intuitive way to understand the JOINs in SQL Server

When we write a DML query that is using JOINed tables as data source, first we need to understand the way SQL Server is manipulating the data. The clauses in the DML query statement are ordered as follows: SELECT FROM… JOIN WHERE GROUP BY HAVING ORDER BY Behind the scene […]

SSIS: FileName into Variables and Foreach Loop Container

Very often while exchanging data files with the clients, a useful information is stored in the file name. This can be a client name prefix, date, time, the period in the file and so on. While loading the data into the database, we need to extract the portions of the […]

SSRS: Multi-value Parameter – (all), (blank), Value

Working with multi-value parameters in SSRS is always fun. We need to pick a good delimiter, add additional values like “ALL” or “BLANKS” and many others. In the following few lines I explain a logics to add a multi-value parameter to SSRS with additional values (all) to not apply the […]

Automating Task by using SQLCMD and Windows Scheduled Task

In a lot of situations we may not have permissions to use SQL Server Agent for automations of our back-end processes. I built a run-around that uses a Windows Scheduled Task, SQLCMD and Stored Procedure to run task. Work flow: 1. Windows Scheduled Task calls a .bat file at specific […]