SQL Server

SQL Server

SQL Server CLR: Create SQL Server Assembly to Read/Write from/to REST API

In this example we’ll create SQL Server Common Language Runtime (CLR) to read/write from/to REST API. Technology used: Visual Studio 2019 (C# Windows .NET Class Library) SQL Server 2019 (on premises) Authentication: Basic (base64 encoded Username:Password) Requests: HTTP SQL GET SELECT POST INSERT Visual Studio 2019 Create new C#, Windows, […]

SSIS: Check for Errors in SSISDB and Send Email

SSISDB is the database that is collaborating with SSIS. When we execute a package, the execution information is logged in SSISDB. If a job is scheduled, we need to know if there are errors in the executions. As a last step in SSIS package, I run stored procedure that searches […]

T-SQL: Change Tracking Retention Period – What do we have after it expires

In the last posts we played with Change Tracking (CT): T-SQL: Change Tracking – What is this and how it works T-SQL: Change Tracking Retention Period – How Long the Changes are Kept? Let’s execute few queries and see what do we have after the retention period expires.