T-SQL: How to Search for % in String (% and LIKE)

In one of my web projects (ASP.NET and SQL Server) I have a screen with top 50 customers. To facilitate the client, I put few textboxes and give them the chance to filter the customers, until they reach the one that they need. In another case I use a textbox […]


T-SQL: Change Tracking Retention Period – How Long the Changes are Kept?

As we mentioned in Change Tracking – What is this and how it works, the retention period is the one that determines how long the changes are kept. Create database:

Enable Change Tracking on Database Level:

After the Change Tracking is enabled on database level, we can edit its […]


T-SQL: Change Tracking – What is this and how it works

Change tracking was introduced in SQL Server 2008. This is a tool that keeps the fact that there are changes in tracked tables for a specified period of time. It doesn’t show what the changes are, it tells that a data has been changed. It answers if a change has been […]


T-SQL: UDF Scalar Function to quote the DB Object Name

While working on ETL, I build a list of tables and their corresponding columns that need to be created on the destination server. In this case the square brackets around SchemaName and TableName are mandatory. I started adding the square brackets with the built-in function QUOTENAME(), but soon I got […]


PowerShell: List Installed Software on Local Computer in .CSV File

I had to collect the installed software from few computers and i used Belarc Advisor. The fun came when i started to consolidate the data :-) To make my future life easier, i wrote a PowerShell script that exports a list of the installed programs into .CSV file. Here it […]


T-SQL: (Migration) Export the definition of Stored Procedures

Very often we need to bulk export database objects and move them to another server. Manually we do this by right click on the database –> Tasks –> Generate Scripts… In this example I show how we can export Stored Procedures with T-SQL and SQLCMD. This model gives us the […]