I googled “mariadb pivot” and the first answer was this. Ouch, this is a big (and complex) procedure. Then I scrolled down, but I couldn’t find a quick answer, so I created one. Here is the template: Keep it simple :-)

SSIS: Check for Errors in SSISDB and Send Email

SSISDB is the database that is collaborating with SSIS. When we execute a package, the execution information is logged in SSISDB. If a job is scheduled, we need to know if there are errors in the executions. As a last step in SSIS package, I run stored procedure that searches […]

T-SQL: How to Search for % in String (% and LIKE)

In one of my web projects (ASP.NET and SQL Server) I have a screen with top 50 customers. To facilitate the client, I put few textboxes and give them the chance to filter the customers, until they reach the one that they need. In another case I use a textbox […]

T-SQL: Change Tracking – What is this and how it works

Change tracking was introduced in SQL Server 2008. This is a tool that keeps the fact that there are changes in tracked tables for a specified period of time. It doesn’t show what the changes are, it tells that a data has been changed. It answers if a change has been […]